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Kenojuak Cultural Centre

TD Bank Group is proud to be one of the first corporate supporters of the Kenojuak Cultural Centre and Print Shop building project in Cape Dorset, Nunavut. Now under construction and slated to open in 2018, the Centre will protect and enhance an important Canadian community, long regarded as the Canadian Inuit art capital.  The Centre will also fuel a promising Arctic tourist industry, and foster the development and future of some of Canada’s finest artists. The 10,000+ sq. ft. facility will include modern studios, museum-quality spaces for exhibitions, archives and community gathering and learning spaces.

For over 50 years, many of Canada’s most iconic and globally-revered artists have come from Cape Dorset, including the legendary Kenojuak Ashevak, Tim Pitsiulak, and Annie Pootoogook. TD Bank Group has been among the most prolific collectors and champions of Cape Dorset art since the 1960s.  Today, nearly half of the hamlet of Cape Dorset  (population 1,300) is employed in its $3 million art industry.  Tourism is burgeoning as Dorset becomes a must-see destination for Arctic-bound visitors. While the excellence of Dorset art remains remarkably consistent, time has taken its toll on the artists’ Kinngait Studios – rendering the facilities outdated and unsafe.  And while Cape Dorset artists succeed on a world stage, the community suffers effects of massive world change.  Geographic isolation and disconnection from Inuit traditions and language have adversely affected many, particularly youth.  Community leaders have long believed Cape Dorset would greatly benefit from a cultural centre –as a special place for Dorset stories, traditions, art and artifacts to be preserved, viewed, taught and celebrated. The Kenojuak Cultural Centre and Print Shop will meet two urgent needs in a remote but culturally significant Canadian community.


Image: Panaq Design

Cape Dorset , Nunavut
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That the Canadian collection includes works by the Group of Seven and Emily Carr

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